The first NRI-Conference was hosted over ten years ago, but the goal of the event still remains the same: to strengthen and improve the healthcare services as much as possible for everybody in the Nordic countries.

The NRI-Conference is established in order to provide a Nordic platform for discussing new ideas and contribute to a stronger cooperation among professionals in the healthcare industry in the Nordic region.

Over the last ten years discussions have included a great variety of interesting topics and the number of delegates has increased every year. The NRI-Conference has developed into a central meeting place for
healthcare professionals in the Nordic countries.

In 2017, the NRI-Conference will have for the first time colaborators. In addtition to make the conference even better, we are please to announce that it will be free of charge to our participants. 

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Nordic Health Summit

The last couple of years NRI-Networks have also noted that Nordic health professionals at management level, Deans of Medical Faculties and Hospital Directors want to meet regularly to discuss common challenges and develop new opportunities.

To meet this need, NRI-Networks revitalized the former "Deans and Directors meeting" by arranging "Nordic Summit for Deans of Medical Faculties and Hospital Directors" in conjunction with the annual NRI-Conference. 

Special thank you is expressed to Anders Geertsen from the Nordic Council of Ministers and a significant number of deans of medical faculties and university hospitals directors. Their participation in Nordic Summit will make it possible for us to be even more involved in discussions and decisions on the future Nordic cooperation in healthcare and innovation.

Nordic Summit for Deans of Medical Faculties and Hospital Directors has been renamed to the shorter title Nordic Health Summit.

In 2017, the Nordic Health Summit will be held in conjunction with the NRI-Conference on 19. May 2017 in Oslo. Please register through the NRI-Conference system.  

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