NRI-Conference 2012

Clinical Research & Innovation 

Introduction to the conference theme from the program: 

We can all agree that innovation is important. But what is innovation and how do we develop and nurture a truly innovative culture? These are some of the questions we will explore in the 7th Nordic University Hospital Research Conference (NRC). The theme has developed as a result of a study done in cooperation with Nordic Innovation Center on the need for research driven innovation at Nordic hospitals. This is the first comprehensive study done on the relationship between the industry and the hospitals based both on quantitative and qualitative data. It investigates the needs and demands of the industry versus the hospitals in different phases of the innovation process, and points to what can be done in order to improve the cooperation.

Here are some other highlights at the conference:

  • The innovative organisation - theory and praxis
  • The Nordic research environment - strengths and weaknesses 
  • The role of research in the hospitals of the future 
  • Nordic networks in clinical research

The main topics will be enhanced by a series of workshops and network meetings:

  • Ways of Improving Clinical Research
  • How to apply the Medicines agency for Investigator-Initiated clinical studies
  • Monitoring - the Nordic Network
  • Innovation in Hospitals 

The conference took place at Solstrand Hotel in Os, Norway from Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th of May 2012.

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