NRI-Conference 2009

Paving the Road for Clinical Research

Introduction to the conference theme from the program: 

The research work carried out at the Nordic university hospitals is both comprehensive and demanding. Because the hospital’s main focus is providing clinical care, research projects are often the result of personal initiative combined with institutional interest. The research is often based on direct clinical experience and addresses real-life clinical challenges. This means that many participate and are actively engaged in the process. Not only doctors but nurses, laboratory technicians, other professionals, and administrators all play a role. 

At NRC 2009, we will take an in-depth look at the necessary factors that strengthen the research process. We will focus particularly on fostering cooperation between hospitals and industry, and discuss how to quickly and successfully implement research findings into clinical practice. This theme is also reflected in the preconference A, Monitoring of Investigator-Initiated Trials. Our sub-topic is entitled: The Research Career. We will examine both the individual researcher’s career challenges, and discuss how to develop a multi-discipline approach to teamwork in hospital research. You will get more on this subject at our preconference B, Research in nursing and other health professions. Last year’s Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Harald Zur Hausen, will give a lecture and contribute. The Nordic perspective is unique and important. Therefore, we have invited speakers from each of the Nordic countries, and provided ample time for you to meet informally with your fellow colleagues.

The conference took place at Solstrand Hotel in Os, Norway from Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th of May 2009.

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