NRI-Conference 2010

Why clinical research? Collaboration – Inspiration – Leadership 

Introduction to the conference theme from the program: 

During 2009 we have seen clinical research take a center stage in news media all over the world. The threat of the pandemic H1N1/09 influensa brought attention to what has otherwise been the realm of a select group of researchers.This was our point of departure when we started planning the 2010 NRC-conference. We wanted to take one step back addressing the question “why clinical research?”. The conference theme indicates both a desire to look at clinical research as a basis for innovation and clinical practice, and to address the challenge of how to improve clinical research per se.

We have managed to get one of those who stood in the center of the storm concerning the H1N1/09 influensa to describe their experiences. A central question has been how to disseminate information on advanced research to a broad audience. In what we have called ”Strategies to make sure that research end up in better health care”, we follow the track from clinical research to clinical practice; demonstrating how some of the leading researchers of today have overcome the challenges of development, organisation and financing of their research. 

NRC aims to further enhance Nordic cooperation. At the 2010 conference, we take an in dept look at the Nordic model and ask how we can use this as a competitive advantage in an environment marked by major international players. We will also present some of the new research networks like ECRIN, which is a pan-European infrastructure for clinical trials.

On the last day of the conference, we focus on organisation and leadership. We will present practical examples and new models on how to organize clinical research.

The conference took place at Solstrand Hotel in Os, Norway from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th of May 2010.

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