The 9th NRI-Conference was held in May 2014 

Promoting Health Research and Innovation


The NRI-Conference took place from 12. - 14. May 2014 and provided a platform for discussion of new ideas as well as contributed to a stronger cooperation among professionals of the healthcare industry in the Nordic region.

It became a tradition that the venue for the conference was chosen to be a beautiful Solstrand Hotel located 30 km south of Bergen right by the stunning Bjørnefjord.


Conference themes:

Strengthening clinical research in the Nordic region

  • Should the government actively support clinical trials like they do in the UK?
  • Oslo Cancer Clusters' efforts to increase and strengthen cancer studies

Developing innovation strategies at Nordic institutions

  • Best practice?

Different survival rates for patients in the Nordic countries

  • Time for cooperation?

IT systems for research support

  • Common Nordic platform?

Models for cooperation between universities and university hospitals

  • Infrastructure, organization, architecture?

The program included parallel sessions on IT-systems to support research, on Innovation and on Early Phase studies. There was a whole day set for network meetings.



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