A Network of Networks


NRI is supporting existing networks within health research and innovation in the Nordic countries and is developing new initiatives in areas where there is a need for more Nordic cooperation.

We invite you to contact us if you are involved in activities where support from NRI would help in attaining our goals, or if you are a member of a Nordic Network that you would like to be listed here. 



Existing networks


Nordic Monitoring Network (NORM)

Nordic Monitoring Network (NORM) is for everyone working within the field of monitoring and quality assurance of academic clinical trials with medicinal products in the Nordic countries. The network aims at offering a coordinated GCP-monitoring of Nordic academic trials with medicinal products, making the Nordic countries a more attractive place to conduct clinical trials as well as increasing the level of GCP-knowledge amongst academic researchers in the Nordic countries and thereby increase the quality of drug research.

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Nordic Innovation Network

The Network focuses on health care and hospital innovation in the Nordic region. The aim of the network is to facilitate information sharing, contacts, and knowledge among the hospitals and other health care organisations in the Nordic region.

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Nordic Network for Nurse Research

The Nordic Health Research and Innovation Network – Nursing (NRI-Nursing) was established in May 2013 and is a new network in the main association of Nordic Health Research and Innovation networks (NRI-Networks). The purpose is to establish a network of nursing researchers at Nordic University and Region Hospitals, where researchers can meet to share the latest clinical nursing research knowledge and discuss current as well as future opportunities and challenges.

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Nordic Pediatric Network

Currently two organisations - FINPEDMED and NorPedMed are working together to establish common Nordic-level network in order to enhance regional cooperation and quality of paediatric research. 

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Nordic Study Sites

The network aims at learning from each other and sharing knowledge as well as strengthening the Nordic countries position and attractiveness when it comes to clinical trials. The network is based on cooperation of institutions from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland. 

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Nordic Network for Tech Transfer and Health (NORTTH)

The network is a a platform within health area for individuals who are active in technology or knowledge transfer. The objective of the network is to enhance cooperation within the Nordic countries and contribute to well-functioning Nordic market. Currently six organizations are members of the network. 

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Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA)

NTA aims at increasing Nordic coordination of clinical trials. The alliance covers all the Nordic countries and is governed by the representatives from each of the countries.

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Nordic Network for Early Cancer Trials (Nordic NECT)

Nordic NECT was found in 2011 in order to ensure patient access to new investigational drugs and to allow customer information and easy access to phase I and early phase II programs in the Nordic countries. The network is represented by 5 institutions.

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National networks within ECRIN

ECRIN connects clinical research centers and clinical trial units around the Europe. Sweden, Finland and Denmark are also members of the organisation and are represented by their national networks.

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