NRI-Conference 2007

Frontline Medical Research - a University Hospital Challenge

Introduction to the conference theme from the program:

Medical research is to a large extent what distinguishes leading University Hospitals from other clinical institutions. Some research groups achieve outstanding results despite limited resources. Others struggle with the constraints of inadequate funding, lack of qualified personnel and the increasing pressure of day to day clinical work. 

At the NRC 2007 we face these challenges head on. We start by exploring how you encourage and support research at a University Hospital, look into the ethical aspects of research, among them children as research subjects, and we dig into questions of monitoring and quality control of medical research projects. We have also challenged researchers in the fields of vaccination, immunology and brain research to describe what they have done in order to succeed with their projects. We end the conference with a substantial session on commercialisation, asking why you should spend time commercialising and how you should do it.

The conference took place at Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Bergen, Norway from 13th to 15th of May 2007. There were 20 lecturers from all the Nordic countries as well as US who have shared their knowledge and insights with 85 participants.

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