NRI-Conference 2013 

In Search for Excellence

Introduction to the conference theme from the program: 

The ultimate goal for NRI-Networks is to promote better health services for everybody in the Nordic Region. We believe that strengthening research, innovation and development at Nordic hospitals is a prerequisite for that to happen. We have a lot to gain by more cooperation building on our common cultural and professional heritage.

Positive development needs an understanding of the challenges ahead, getting the right people together and sufficient resources to make change possible. At the NRI-conference we try to accommodate this. We want you to learn from the best and to be able to interact with colleagues who may be facing the same challenges you are. That is why we have structured the conference with ample time to meet people from the other Nordic countries and from 2013 – even with the possibility to arrange your own network meetings as part of the conference.


The conference took place at Solstrand Hotel in Os, Norway from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th of May 2013.

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