NRI-Conference 2011

The future of Clinical Research

Introduction to the conference theme from the program: 

Traditionally, clinical research has had a firm position in the Nordic Countries, but it is currently subject to strong competition and is on the decline throughout the region. The decline is largest for industry-sponsored clinical trials that have been reduced by almost 50 per cent since 2005. We believe that the future of clinical research in the Nordic countries depends on close collaboration, common infrastructure and shared networks. At the NRC Conference, the Joint Committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils (NOS-M) will present a White Paper describing the challenges, the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) will present a report with suggestions on what should be done and the Norwegian Minister of Health, Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen will clarify the situation from a political point of view.

The second part of the conference explores the relationship between researchers, their institutions, the pharmaceutical- and the med techindustry. What does the industry expect from academic researchers? What do the academic researchers expect from the industry? How can we use innovation to improve patient care? These are some of the questions we present and invite you to help us find answers to. We get a fresh report from the Mayo Clinic, an institution which treats more than 350 000 patients a year – and still manages to be at the absolute forefront of medical research and innovation. And we will explore the phenomenon of privatization in hospitals and care. We have set aside ample time both for plenary discussions and for networking with colleagues from the other Nordic countries. Please note the tutorial sessions where you will be able to meet with some of our speakers in an informal setting and discuss any subject you may be interested in. 

More than 150 participants took part in the 6th NRC Conference that was held at Solstrand Hotel in Os, Norway from Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th of April 2011. 

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