NRI-Conference 2008

The dedicated researcher - How to organize, collaborate and succeed in medical research

Introduction to the conference theme from the program: 

What started three years ago as an idea about encouraging Nordic cooperation in medical research has slowly evolved into a network of professionals from university hospitals all over the Nordic countries. At the NRC 2008, we will try to dig deeper and explore the fundamental challenges facing researchers in health and medicine. What is it that makes certain groups successful, while others struggle and stagnate? We will start by demonstrating different ways of organising medical research, both in the Nordic countries and other parts of the world. Then we will hear from several researchers who have led successful projects, and be given an opportunity to inquire about their process and achievement. 

The final session will focus on Nordic collaboration, innovation, and funding. This year we have also added two pre-conferences. The first is targeted toward researchers starting their careers, and the other is for nurses conducting research independently or as part of a team. Previous participants have informed us that it is important to have ample time for informal meetings and networking with colleagues from the other Nordic countries. In response to this feedback, we are offering a cultural programme in addition to the professional programme. You will have the opportunity to see and sample the beauty of Hardanger, with its countless blossoming fruit trees and the backdrop of snow on the mountains.

The conference took place at Hotel Ullensvang in Hardager, Norway from 21th to 23th of May 2008. Altogether there were 85 participants who took part in different lectures, discussions, and enjoyed possibility to meet colleagues in beautiful surroundings. 

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