Nordic Study Sites in Sweden

Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA), Stockholm

  • KTA is a Clinical Research Center at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm.
  • KTA is conducting clinical trials and support for all phases (0-IV).
  • KTA consists of three units, KTA Phase 1, KTA Prim (Phase II-IV) and KTA Support

KTA website


Contact person

Maria Englund (initiated and arranged the first workshop for Nordic Study Sites at NRI-Conference 2013)

E-mail: +46 851 778 210


Clinical Studies in Sweden

Clinical Studies Sweden is a collaboration between the Swedish Research Council and Sweden's Health Care regions. In addition to the six regional nodes, the system consists of the Committee for Clinical Studies and the Office for Clinical Studies at the Swedish Research Council.

KTA is one of six regional nodes in Sweden that collaborates nationelly in order to increase the number of clinical studies in Sweden. The contact details for the other nodes in Sweden are found thorugh the website below.

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