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The European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) is a European network with objective to improve the health of patients and citizens across the world through clinical research. ECRIN is engaged into multiple activities - the network supports, services, coordinates, and manages high-quality, independent, and fully transparent multinational clinical research. ECRIN draws on synergy of the capacities and capabilities of clinical research.  The countries are represented in the organisation by their national networks. 

NorCRIN, Norway

NorCRIN website

About NorCRIN within ECRIN


Contact person

Siv Mørkved

Head of Research at Trondheim University Hospital

Project manager of NorCRIN

E-mail: +47 971 46 490

SweCRIN, Sweden

SweCRIN website

About SweCRIN within ECRIN


Contact person

Pierre Lafolie

E-mail: +46 870 484 67 11 

FinCRIN, Finland

FinnMedi, partner institution


Contact person


Heli Pehrman

E-mail: +358 (0) 40 821 6944


DCRIN, Denmark

About DCRIN within ECRIN


Contact person

Berit Grevstad

E-mail: +45 3545 7170




Postboks 3105 Elisenberg

0207 Oslo


E-mail: +47 45 44 98 96 997 222 776