Show and Tell Events

Members of the NRI Innovation Network host regulary Show and Tell Events all over the Nordic region. You can participate on the event both pysically and virutally through Video Conference.

We will post all upcoming events and make the presentations available for downloading afterwards.

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MedViz – A non-commercial research network within medical imaging and visualization

Ragnar Nortvedt the Project Manager of MedViz will host the next Show&Tell event.

Date: 24th February at 10:00 - 11:00 CET.

MedViz is a Research & Development cluster in Bergen. MedViz wish to promote the development of biomedical and clinical imaging technologies with the ultimate goal of improving diagnosis and treatment of patients. MedViz wants to develop new clinical methods for potential commercialisation by means of denovo software for analysis, decision support and visual communication.

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Download the first presentation "MedViz Innovation for NRI Network"

Downloard the second presentation "Real-Time Processing of Streamed 3D Data"




Public-Private Innovation

Werner Sperschneider and Anne Mette Vestergaard Trier from the Capital Region of Denmark presented their working process of public-private innovation.

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The presentation is available for downloading



Sharing Ideas on Hospital Innovation and Service Design


Service designer at the Ideas Clinic (Aalborg University Hospital) Jesper Jønsson has held the presentation during the NRI Innovation Show & Tell event. The topic of discussion was Service Design in the Healthcare Sector. Jesper provided an overview of the fundamental building blocks of the hospital innovation process as well as shared examples of how the process operates in practice at Aalborg University Hospital.

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The presentation is available for downloading.



Ways to finance innovators' relieve of present duties in the clinic

Dag Finne from Bergen Technology Transfer Office will share its experiences in finding good solutions for promoting innovators who are dedicated to further develop their invention, and at the same time are liable to perform duties at the hospital or clinic. There are ways to facilitate implementation without losing key personnel at the department. With support from the inventor's employer, there are good solutions that would at the same time benefit the hospital/clinic, the patients and the innovator.

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The presentation is available for downloading.



Swedish testbed for innovative radiotherapy

Peter Söderman from "Innovationsplatsen" at Karolinska University Hospital persented "The Swedish testbed for innovative radiotherapy" on November 15 2013. About the presentation: The testbeds will be a creative interface between health care and industry that captures and improves good ideas concerning radiation therapy for cancer treatment. The testbed offers a gateway to clinical multicenter studies at all Swedish university hospitals. The university hospitals, the Regional Cancer Centers and six leading specialist companies have joined forces to establish this national testbed – gradually opening up for innovators from both industry and health care, completely established by 2015.

Read more about the test bed project.

The presentation available for downloading.

A summary of the testbed project.





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