NRI Innovation Network


The NRI Innovation Network is a network focusing on health care and hospital innovation in the Nordic region. The aim of the network is to facilitate information sharing, contacts, and knowledge, among the hospitals and other health care organizations in the Nordic region. 

The idea behind knowledge sharing and closer contact is that it will be easier to gather information on the experiences of others, and thus make sure all new research and projects builds on and adds to the current level of knowledge. Additionally, it will facilitate finding potential project partners within other organizations working in specific sectors. 

The NRI Innovation Network aims at being a platform for Nordic health care and hospital innovation. The network is built on the idea of mutual benefit and with no fee for the participants. 

The network will meet at the annual innovation session at the NRI-Conference, and will offer additional workshops depending on the participating organizations wishes and needs. There is no minimum of involvement, as the network is also an opportunity for information sharing. 

The NRI Innovation Network is a sub-network, along with other health care related networks under NRI. 

How to become a member

The network is open for new members. If you are interested in joining, you can attend the network's workshop during the upcoming NRI-Conference, join the group NRI Innovation Network on LinkedIn or contact the representative of the steering committee. 


Steering committee

Kirstine Rasmussen, Main contact person

Project Manager and Administrator at Aalborg University Hospital

Jesper Bredmose

Senior Consultant / Co-Leader Nordic Innovation Network
Aalborg University Hospital

Marthe Hammer

Research and innovation Advisor at Helse Bergen (Haukeland University Hospital)

Kalevi Virta

Coordinator of International Networks at the University of Oulu



Postboks 3105 Elisenberg

0207 Oslo


E-mail: +47 45 44 98 96 997 222 776