Noomi O. Gregersen

Project Manager

Faroe islands

Noomi Oddmarsdóttir Gregersen holds a position as Project Manager at FarGen. FarGen is a project managed by the Genetic Biobank, which is an entity under the authority of the Faroese Ministry of Health and the Interior. 

Noomi acquired her PhD degree from Aarhus University, Denmark. Her scientific work concerns the genetics of mental disorders, which has led to several publications about the genetics of patients with panic disorder from the Faroe Islands.

After years of studying in Denmark, Noomi recently moved back to the Faroe Islands where she has become an integrated part of genetic research in her home country. Her scientific skills, comprising molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and biostatistics has led her to become a key figure in the generation of the FarGen-Infrastructure – a genetic databank comprising whole-genome sequencing data from Faroese volunteers. This unique resource will enable a population-wide study of how genes, environment, and lifestyle affect the health of an entire nation, which in the long term perspective may led to the formation of personal medicine.

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