Program NRI-Conference 2015

Monday 4. May 2015 (10:00 - 17:30)


08:00   Registration

Main session 1: 

Future Health Challenges

10:00   Welcome

             Speaker: Bent Høie, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services

10:15   How relevant is the Global Disease Burden for the Nordic Region?

             Speaker: Ole Fridtjof Nordheim, Professor, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care,

             University of Bergen

10:40  Value of Healthcare in Society - Impact of Technological Solutions in the Future

             Speaker: Jörgen Larsson, Professor of Surgery at KI Stockholm and Director International Affairs,

              Karolinska University Hospital

11:05   Antibiotic Resistance

             Speaker: Mats Ulfendahl, Secretary General, Swedish Scientific Council for Medicine

11:30   Discussion

             Moderator: Stener Kvinnsland, Chairman NRI-Networks and Chief Executive Officer,

             Haukeland University Hospital


12:00   Lunch  


Parallel sessions

Alternative A: Innovation in the Health Sector

13:00    The Norwegian Health&Care21 Research and Innovation Strategy

              Speaker: Maiken Engelstad, Assistant Director General

              The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services

13:30     Q&A session and discussion

               Moderator: Ernst Reidar Omenaas, Head of Reasearch and Borad member of Health&Care 21

14:00     How to Foster Innovation in the Health Care Sector by Integrating the Knowledge Triangle

               Speaker: Alexander von Gabain, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and Corporate Alliances

               Karolinska Institutet

14:30     Q&A session and discussion

               Moderator: Ernst Reidar Omenaas, Head of Reasearch and Borad member of Health&Care 21


Alternative B: Clinical Research - How to strengthen the Nordic position?

13:00    Collaboration in Clinical Research between the Nordic area and the rest of Europe - Can we do                 better? 

              Speaker: Gerry O'Dwyer, President, The European Association of Hospital Managers

13:30    Clinical  Trials - Why Norway?

              Speaker: Siri Kolle, Vice President Clinical, Invent2

14:00     Starka tillsammans - A report of inquiry into National Coordination of Clinical Studies in


              Speaker: Mats Ulfendahl, Secretary General, Swedish Scientific Council for Medicine

14:30    Q&A session and discussion

              Moderator: Jan Andersson, Research Director of Stockholm County Council


Alternative C: Nurses in Clinical Research    

13:00    Capacity building in Clinical Nursing in the areas of Patient Safety  

              Speaker: Erik Elgaard Sørensen, Head of Research,

              Aalborg University Hospital and Aalborg University

13:20     Fundamentals of Care

               Speaker: Åsa Muntlin Athlin, Head of Research

               Uppsala University Hospital

13:40     Implementation Research focusing on Patient Outcome

              Speaker: Elisabeth Severinsson, Director of Research

              Buskerud & Vestfold University College and Stavanger University Hospital

14:10    Q&A session and discussion

              Moderator: Bibi Hølge-Hazelton, Head of Research,

              Roskilde-Køge Hospitals


Main session 2: 


15:20    Genomics and Bioinformatics in Medical Research

              Speaker: Pål Rasmus Njølstad, Head of the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes research

15:40    Instruments for using and interpreting Genomic Data

              Speaker: Jason Flannick, post doc, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

16:20    Can Genetics of Diabetes be translated into the Clinic?

              Speaker: Leif Groop, Head of Department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University

16:40    Q&A session and discussion

              Moderator: Nina Langeland, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

              University of Bergen


Main session 3:

Why is cooperation between hospital and pharma important? 

17:00    Presenting the needs from the Pharma Industry’s perspective

             Speaker: Sakari Aropuu, Country Head, Global Site Management Finland, Bayer Oy

17:20   Presenting the needs from a Hospital perspective

             Speaker: Aki Lindén, CEO Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District


17:40    End of Conference day 1


18:00     NTA meeting: Work Package on Ethics

               Venue: Yr 1, 2nd floor


19:30    Aperitif and Musical Entertainment


20:00    Conference inner


Tuesday 5. May 2015 (08:30 -14:40)


Main session 4:

Nordic Council of Ministers Health Focus 

08:30    The Könberg report: "The Future Nordic Cooperation on Health"

              Speaker: Anders Geertsen, Head of Department, Knowledge & Welfare at Nordic Council of                                        Ministers

              Moderator: Stener Kvinnsland, Chairman NRI-Networks and Chief Executive Officer                                                      Haukeland University Hospital


Main session 5:

NRI - Network of Networks                                     

09:40    Short presentation of all NRI-Networks

              Speakers: Leaders of the NRI-Networks: Erik Elgaard Sørensen, Annette Jørgensen, Jesper                                             Bredmose, Kirstine Rasmussen, Pirkko Lepola and Maria Englund   

10:10    Panel discussion: How to Create and Sustain a Successful Network

              Moderator: Maria Englund, Operations Manager at Karolinska Trial Alliance



11:00    Workshops

  • Alternative A: Nordic Innovation Network                                                                                                Focus on health care and hospital innovation in the Nordic region              
  • Alternative B: Nordic Study Sites Network                                                                                                Exploration of potential for collaboration between Nordic study sites              
  • Alternative C: Nordic Monitoring Network                                                                                        Map of all monitoring units and organization of a system of coordinated monitoring trials with medicinal products in the Nordic countries. 
  • Alternative D: Nordic Nurse Research Network                                                                               Development of a network of nursing researchers at Nordic Hospitals 
  • Alternative E: Nordic Pediatric Research                                                                                                  Focus on a Nordic network of investigators with recognized expertise in performing clinical research on children     
  • Nordic Summit for Deans of Medical Faculty and Hospital Directors                                                    

12:00   Lunch  


13:00   Workshops continue


14:30    End of Conference


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