Erik Elgaard Sørensen

Head of Research and Professor
Aalborg University Hospital and Aalborg University


Dr Erik Elgaard Sørensen is Head of Clinical Nursing Research Unit and professor at Aalborg University Hospital. He has specialist training in ethnographic studies where he has been working with the interaction between nursing and leadership and nursing and technology. 

Dr Elgaard Sørensen is the chairman of NRI-Nursing. His present research focus on capacity building in clinical nursing. He is the leader of a five-year research program launched in 2013 at Aalborg University Hospital where he is also a Professor at Aalborg University. The research program aims to generate 40 research projects based on patient and relatives involvement.

In addition, the program offers a structured training and supervision targeted nurses in clinical practice. The research program has an explicit focus on nurses who through participation in the course and the project will have the opportunity to develop their research skills so they to a greater extent reflect and integrate new knowledge in clinical nursing practice.

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