Åsa Muntlin Athlin

Head of Research
Department of Emergency Care and Internal Medicine
Uppsala University Hospital


Dr Åsa Muntlin Athlin is currently the Head of Research at the Department of Emergency Care and Internal Medicine at Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden. She has specialist training in emergency care and has long and ongoing clinical experience in ED nursing. 

Dr Muntlin Athlin has for the last 10 years been undertaking research within the ED field. Present research focuses on health services, patient experiences and knowledge translation. She has a wide national and international collaborating network and is also an adjunct research fellow at the University of Adelaide in Australia. She has worked in Australia closely with Professor Alison Kitson around the concept Fundamentals of Care during a two-year period.

Also, Dr Muntlin Athlin is a member of the steering group of International Learning Collaborative (ILC). In addition to being the Head of Research, she has an Adjunct Senior Lecturer position at Uppsala University.


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