NRI-Conference 2016

Moving Further with Medical Tailoring

Introduction to the conference theme: 

The NRI-Conference 2016 focused on how the use of new research, medical tailoring and health innovations could solve health challenges. Prominent speakers gave their perspectives to important topics related to personalized medicine, antimicrobial resistance and mHealth. “Does personalized medicine
represent a true paradigm shift?”, “Are we responding too late in order to tackle
antimicrobial resistance?”, “What is the innovative and socio-economic impact of mHealth?” were questions addressed during the conference.

The NRI-Conference was under the title Moving Further with Medical Tailoring.

More about antimicrobial resistance:

“The development of antibiotics has been one of the fundamental and major steps forward in medicine and science in the past century. We rely on them to treat infections directly. Indirectly, we rely on antibiotics to provide a safety net for people who are admitted to hospital, for people undergoing surgery, people who have undergone trauma, people who have chronic diseases such as cancer or diabetes, and those who are susceptible to infections. The development of antimicrobial resistance threatens the gains we have made in treating all those people.” 

Keiji Fukuda, The Pharmaceutical Journal, 25. Nov. 2015 (A special representative for antimicrobial resistance at WHO and a guest speaker during the NRI-Conference 2016)

Hosts of the conference were Bjørn Erikstein, Chairman, NRI-Networks and Chief Executive Officer of Oslo University Hospital and Stener Kvinnsland, CEO, NRI-Networks. 

Based on feedback from the NRI-Conference 2015 was decided that the conference venue would change from Bergen to a more convenient and accessible location: Radisson Blu Gardermoen, Oslo Airport. 


Main image during the Nordic Health Summit 2016



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