NRC 2012-Conference


Clinical Research & Innovation


May 7th, Monday

Main Session 1 - Developing a culture of innovation (moderator - Anders Haugland)

Developing and maintaining a culture of innovation in an academic research environment (by David Secher)

Growing pains and pleasures - developing a biotech company (by Richard Godfrey)

The Nordic TTO health network (by Henric Rhedin)

Beyond expectation and limits designing for impossible achievements (by Hilmar Br Janusson)

Main Session 2 - Nordic collaboration 

Constructing European eCRIN network (by Pierre Lafoile)

A proposed collaboration on clinical trials in the Nordic region (by Maiken Engelstad)

NECT - Nordic Network Early Cancer Trials (by Steinar Aamdal) 

The NRC network (by Stener Kvinnsland)  

The Nordic Monitor network (by Karin Friis Bach)  


NRC-Network welcome meeting by the Nordic Advisory Group


May 8th, Tuesday 

Main Session 3 - Clinical research and innovation

The need for cooperation (by Poul Jaszczak)

Do clinical trials promote research and innovation? Results from a Nordic survey (by Olav Flaten) 

How to combine personal research interest with the pharmaceutical industry (by Per Bakke)    

One-stop-shop both at the industry and the hospital (by Britta Smedegaard Andersen)

Healthcare innovation - why and how we do it (by Anne-Marie Christina Thoft) 



Tutorial groups (tutorials are informal discussions with selected speakers)

David Secher (innovation)

Poul Jaszczak (research collaboration) 

Pierre Lafolie (eCRIN - European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network)

Main Session 4 - The Nordic research environment - strengths and challenges

The electronic patient record; a tool for development - a tool to develop (by Thorvardur Löve) 

Nordic biobanks as a competitive advantage (by Camilla Stoltenberg) 

Panel discussion 

Reception and the Conference dinner


May 9th, Wednesday 

Main Session 5 - The Role of Research in the Hospitals of the Future

How should an optimal collaboration between hospitals and pharmaceutical industry look like in the future? (by Carin Fellenius) 

Interaction of health care management and research activity at the first private university hospital in Germany (by Jochen Werner) 

The future of the NRC-Network (by Jan Olofsson)

Parallel Sessions - Workshops 

A - Ways of Improving Clinical Research (moderator - Steinar Aamdal) 

B - How to apply the Medicines agency for Investigator-Initiated clinical studies (moderator - Bjørn Tore Gjertsen) 

C - Monitoring - the Nordic Network (moderator - Karin Friis Bach)

D - Innovation in Hospitals (moderator - Anders Haugland)

E - NRC-Nnetwork (Board of directors only, moderator - Stener Kvinnsland) 


End of the Conference





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