NRC 2011-Conference


The Future of Clinical Research


April 11th, Monday 

Main Session 1 - The Nordic countries as a common laboratory

What is behind the success story of the Mayo Clinic- both in patient care and research (by Kerry Olsen)

Nordic collaboration - what do the politicians do to encourage it (by Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen) 

Nordic collaboration - opportunities and obstacles in the investigator-driven trial (by Anders Perner) 

Making the Nordic region attractive for clinical trials (by Maiken Engelstad)

Nordic Medical research - happily ever after? (Mikael Fogelholm) 

Panel discussion - Clinical research in a Nordic perspective (moderator - Jakob Bjerg Larsen) 

NRC-Network welcome meeting by the Nordic Advisory Group



April 12th, Tuesday 

Main Session 2 - Need for collaboration between industry and academia

Clinical Need Driven Innovation (by Mark Knudson)  

From basic research to small industry - The story of NordicNeuroLab Inc. (by Kenneth Hugdahl)

What does the Pharma industry expect from academic researchers? (by Michel Goldman) 

What do the academic researchers expect from the industry? (by Gedske Daugaard)



Alternative A: Tutorial groups with selected speakers

Mark Knudson

Kerry Olsen

Anders Perner 

Alternative B: Standard Operating Procedures in investigator-driven clinical trials, SOP version 1.0 - Norway

Main Session 3 - How to implement medical & health research 

Innovation to improve patients‘ care (by Greg Ogrinc)

How to build a research institution based on the national resources of a small nation with the aim of benefitting patients, successes and downfalls (by Kári Stefánsson) 

Panel discussion - The future of clinical research (moderator - Jakob Bjerg Larsen) 

Reception and Conference dinner


April 13th, Wednesday  

Main Session 4 - Public or private? 

Clinical Research and Innovation. Nordic Innovations Center project (by Olav Flaten) 

Public-Private-Partnership - Lessons learned from 10-year Dutch experience (by Robert Brummer) 

The future of the NRC-Network (by Jan Olofsson) 

Workshops - Parallel Sessions

A - Innovation in hospitals (moderator - Jens Reigstad)

Planning a new reception centre, a case for innovation and realisation of next practice. How can hospitals collaborate with related industrial Research and Development parties in order to create new solutions and visual tools for decision support? 

Presenting a case of innovation in Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDT). How can clinicians and soft-ware engineers provide new tools based on user needs? (by Jo Erling Riise Waage) 

In what way can a Human Resource Department contribute to a broader interest for innovative projects in the hospital organisation? (by Trond Søreide)

B - Monitoring - The Nordic Network (moderator - Karin Friis Bach) 

C - GCP courses in Norway (moderator - Martha Colban) 

D - NRC-Network (Advisory group & Board of directors only, moderator - Arne Godal) 


End of the Conference




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