NRC 2010-Conference


Why clinical research? Collaboration – Inspiration – Leadership


May 10th, Monday 

Pre-conferences - Parallel Sessions (with common introduction for all 3 alternatives)

ECRIN - an infrastructure for support to multinational investigator-driven trials (by Jaques Demotes-Mainard) 

Should there be a difference between industrial-initiated and academic-initiated research? Recommendations for an improved EU legislation on clinical research (by Jaques Demotes-Mainard) 

Alternative A - GCP-monitoring and Research Quality (moderator Karin Friis-Bach) 

GCP and academic studies - inspectors' point of view (by Anu Puomila) 

GCP and academic studies in Norway. Experiences from inspections (by Odd Rigenholt) 

Establishing a GCP-unit at Oslo university hospital (by Hege Øvergaard) 

Oslo University Hospital, GCP unit - today and in the future (by Åsa Edfors Skutle

GCP unit Denmark - practical experiences (by Charlotte Calov) 

Panel discussion

Alternative B - Investigator-initiated clinical trials 

The team in clinical studies and clinical trials in a busy schedule (by Ansgar Berg) 

How to estimate the costs in clinical studies - based on reality (by Mia Englund) 

Recruitment and retention (by Snorre Øfjord) 

The study nurse role in clinical studies (by Marianne Heradstveit) 

Children in clinical studies (by Ansgar Berg) 

Alternative C - Workshop - NRC future & development?


Main Session 1 - Clinical studies, H1N1/09 influensa and public awareness (moderator - Jan Olofsson) 

Why is clinical research more important than ever before? (by Claire Perry) 

Epidemics and the society: Impact of pandemics on medical research, public awareness, and communication from and within the medical society. Examples from research on H1N1 pandemic in Bergen. (by Nina Langeland) 



May 11th, Tuesday

Main Session 2 - Clinical research as a basis for innovation and clinical practice (moderator - Kristjan Erlendson)

Clinical research - an US perspective (by Mark E. Splaine) 

The track from clinical research to practice (by Gudmundur Torgeirsson)

Clinical Research in drug development: an industry perspective (by Reijo Salonen) 

Panel discussion: Strategies to make sure that research end up in better health care


Main Session 3 - The Nordic model – a competitive advantage? (moderator - Mika Scheinin) 

Health registers – how can these be exploited to the benefit of clinical research? (by Mads Melbye)

How to manage an academic research network in the Nordic Countries and cooperation with industry (by Gunnar Kristensen) 


ECRIN - an infrastructure for support to multinational investigator-driven trials, link to Nordic networks, and recommendations for a new EU legislation on clinical research (by Jaques Demotes-Mainard, summary from the Pre-conferences) 

Nordic perspective - highlights from the Pre-conferences A and B (by Karin Friis Bach and Ansgar Berg, summary from the Pre-conferences)

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures - Biological and Medical sciences

Reception and Conference dinner


May 12th, Wednesday 

Main Session 4 - Leadership in clinical research (moderator - Birgir Jakobsson) 

Leadership in clinical research (by Barbara E. Bierer) 

Clinical research must attract young people (by Olle Stendahl) 

Streamlining Karolinska University Hospital - a year of development (by Birgir Jakobsson, follow up lecture on the last year's speech) 

The size matters! - Experience from clinical research in open care (by Mia Englund) 

Final questions and discussion: Challenges of organising and managing clinical research

Summary of NRC 2010 & future plans (by Arne Godal) 

Closing remarks (by Jan Olofsson) 


End of the Conference




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