NRC 2009 Speakers

Harald Zur Hausen

Bette Anthonisen

Karin Friis Bach

Director of Copenhagen University Hospitals' GCP-unit

Rolf Bjerkvig

Professor at the Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen

Ingrid Egerod

Associate professor at the University Hospitals Centre for Nursing and Care Research (UCSF) at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Olav Flaten

Owner and Chairman of Hunemo AS and Board Member of Biotec Pharmacon ASA

Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Iceland

Jana Midelfart Hoff

Research fellow at the University of Bergen/Residency at the Department of Neurology at Haukeland University Hospital

Liselotte Højgaard

Head of Department and Director of the Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine & PET and Cyclotron Unit at Rigshospitalet at the University of Copenhagen

Birgir Jakobsson

CEO of Karolinska University Hospital

Tove Karlsrud

Head Scandinavian International Clinical Research Organisation (ICRO) at Novartis

Per Magnus Kommandantvold

Senior adviser at the Research Council of Norway

Ole Alexander Opdalshei

Deputy Secretary General at the Norwegian Cancer Society

Kimmo Pitkänen

Dagfinn Sundsbø

State secretary at the Ministry of Health and Care Services

Bertram Wiedenmann

Director of the Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology and the Interdisciplinary Centre of Metabolism at Charité Medical School in Berlin

Preconference A speakers (Monitoring of investigator-initiated trials)

Karin Friis Bach 

Moderator, MSc Pharm, Director of Copenhagen University Hospitals' GCP-unit, Denmark

Gunnar Danielsson

Pharmaceutical Inspector at the Swedish Medical Products Agency, Sweden

Erik Jacobsen

MSc PharmMedicines Inspector (GCP) at the Department of Inspection, Laboratories and Enforcement at the Danish Medicines Agency, Denmark

Lena Nybond

MSc (Biol), MSc (PharmMed), MSc (Econ), Research Manager at Turku CRC, Finland

Åsa Edfors Skutle

Registered Nurse and Midwife / Clinical Trial Manager at the Clinical Trials Unit at the Radium Hospital, Oslo University Hospital, Norway 

Solveig Wennerholm

Registered Nurse / Clinical Trial Manager at the Lund University Hospital, Sweden

Preconference B speakers (Research in nursing and other health professions)


Helga Bragadóttir

PhD, RN, MSN, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Iceland, Iceland

Lotta Dellve

PhD, RN, MScPH, Associate Professor and the Head of Unit of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden

Ingrid Egerod

Associate professor at the University Hospitals Centre for Nursing and Care Research (UCSF), Denmark

Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir

Moderator, Assistant professor at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Iceland and Consultant at Landspitali University Hospital

Tove Aminda Hansen

RN, PhD student, SEANS, Research fellow/Consultant at the Regional Centre for Clinical Research at Haukeland University Hospital, Norway 

Saskia Van Heusden

Medical laboratory Technician of the Clinical Chemistry at the Clinical Research Centre, Department of Clinical Research at University Hospital in North-of-Norway (UNN-HF-Tromsø), Norway



Jan Olofsson

Professor and Director at Head and Neck Division, Department of Oral surgery and Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

Stener Kvinnsland

CEO Helse Bergen HF

Kristján Erlendsson

Chief Executive of Education, Research and Development at Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland  




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