NRC 2009-Conference


Paving the Road for Clinical Research. Hospital - Industry - Career


May 4th, Monday

Pre-conferences - Parallel Sessions

Alternative A - Monitoring of investigator initiated trials: Collaboration between GCP (Good Clinical Practice) units in the Nordic countries

Welcome (by Karin Friis Bach) 

What do the Authorities expect? 

GCP inspector from Sweden (by Gunnar Danielsson) 

GCP inspector from Denmark (by Erik Jacobsen) 

GCP-monitoring in academic trials

Experiences of Monitoring, Investigator Initiated studies in Norway (by Åsa Edfors Skutle) 

Experience from Sweden (by Solveig Wennerholm) 

Experience from Denmark (by Karin Friis Bach) 

Experience from Finland (by Lena Nybond) 

Panel Discussion

Alternative B - Research in nursing and other health professions

Welcome (by Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir) 

Capacity building in university hospital research: The case of Icelandic nurses. (by Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir) 

Developing an interdisciplinary program of research in the area of nursing administration. An example from the University of Iceland and Landspitali University Hospital. (by Helga Bragadottir) 

Improving research and research collaboration among non-medical health professionals: Case of Norwegian Western Health Region (by Tove Aminda Hansen) 

Research career in a Swedish University Hospital: Do some good, increase power? (by Lotte Delleve) 

How do we create a multiple disciplining teamwork in hospital research, and who are the players? - from the Lab technicians perspective (by Saskia Van Heusden) 

How to engage all health care professionals in research (by Ingrid Egerod) 


Main Session 1 - Open the Doors for Nordic & International Collaboration (moderator - Jan Olofsson) 

Why Nordic collaboration? To encourage the framework of research (by Bette Anthonisen)

How do you influence EU to create programs which includes a Nordic research profile? (by Liselotte Højgaard) 

Guest of honour Harald zur Hausen, the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine 2008

Perspectives of tumour virus biology



May 5th, Tuesday 

Main Session 2 - Industry and university hospitals – how can we support each other? (moderator - Stener Kvinnsland) 

Opening speech (by Dagfinn Sundsbø) 

Industrial research at the hospitals - partnership or contractors? (by Olav Flaten) 

Challenges facing the industry when collaborating with hospitals (by Tove Karlsrud) 

A living lab environment - a partnership between industry and university hospital to stimulate innovation (by Birgir Jakobsson) 

The patient perspective (by Ole Alexander Opdalshei) 

Main Session 3 - From research to practice: Implementing research - publishing is not enough! (moderator - Kristján Erlendsson) 

From basic to clinical research - the clinician-scientist perspective (by Bertram Wiedenmann) 

Translationality: How to build a translational research center (by Kimmo Pitkänen) 

News from the Nordic Countries

Social event - boat trip to Lysøen, the summer residence of Ole Bull

Conference Dinner


May 6th, Wednesday 

Main Session 4 - The research career (moderator - Rolf Bjerkvig) 

The research career: The EU perspective (by Per Magnus Kommandantvold)

How to engage all health care professionals in research (by Ingrid Egerod, summary from the Pre-conference B)

The research team - from a monitor's viewpoint (by Karin Friis Bach, summary from the Pre-conference A)

Mind the gap - any future for doctors in research? (by Jana Midelfart Hoff) 

How to motivate researchers (by Rolf Bjerkvig)



End of the Conference




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