NRC 2008-Conference


The Dedicated Researcher - How to Organise, Collaborate and Succeed in Medical Research


May 21st, Wednesday 

Pre-conferences - Parallel Sessions

Alternative A - Nurses in research

Opening: The importance of research in nursing (by Anette Storesund) 

Personal experiences from a research project (by Anne Kari H. Aarstad) 

The role as a project manager versus member of the team - but who gets credit for the publication? (by Anette Storesund) 

Instrument development in Nursing Research (by Lise Tuset Gustad) 


Alternative B - Challenges facing the young researcher

Opening: The research career (by PhD/Postdoc Anette Bøe Wollf) 

The Renal Research Group: Challenges in renal research and the future for young scientists (by Einar Svarstad, Postdoc Bjørn Egil Vikse and research fellow Michael Hultstrøm)

The fMRI Group: How to become a first-class young neuroscientist? (by Prof. Håkan Sundberg and Postdoc Kerstin von Plessen)

The Immunology group: Bergen Research School in Inflammation as a framework for translational research training in immunology (by Prof. Roland Jonsson, PhD/Postdoc Arnt-Ove Hovden PhD and PhD trainee Karstein Haldorsen MD) 




May 22nd, Thursday 


Main Session 1 - How to organise medical research?

Opening: How to integrate medical research in a Nordic research profile (by Stener Kvinnsland) 

Medical research, publications and productivity at Nordic university hospitals - a comparative study (by Ernst Omennaas)

University - University hospital cooperation (by David Gordon) 

Clinical work and research - a dilemma for the university hospital (by Karin Prellner) 

Swedish clinical research - changes and challenges (by Olle Stendahl) 

Main Session 2 - How to succeed with medical research?

Finland: Hospital infrastructure for research funding (by Erkki Wuolijoki) 

Turku Clinical Research Centre: Services for clinical investigators at the University of Turku and the University Hospital (by Mika Scheinin) 

News from the Nordic countries (by Bette Anthonisen, Denmark, and Kristjan Erlendsson, Iceland) 

Main points from the Pre-conferences presented (by Lise Tuset Gustad, summary of Pre-conference A, and Anette Bøe Wolff, summary of Pre-conference B) 

Panel discussion - summary

Cultural and social program (time for networking and a boat trip to Aga village) 

Conference Dinner


May 23rd, Friday 

Main Session 3 - Nordic collaboration, innovation and funding

Medical research from a Nordic perspective (by Ellen Knutsen Rydberg) 

Funding for European collaborative research in the 7th Framework Programme (by Søren Bøwadt) 

A Nordic hub for life science innovations (by Rune Fransson) 

How to organise for success: Experiences from commercial technology transfer (by Anders Granquist) 


End of the Conference




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