NRC 2007-Conference


Frontline Medical Research - a University Hospital Challenge


May 13th, Sunday 


Welcome meeting 

News from the Nordic countries: Brief update on what has happened in general at the University Hospitals in the Nordic countries since last year's NRC conference.

Boat trip  to Cornelius seafood restaurant at Holmen outside Bjorøya 


May 14th, Monday 

Welcoming address (by Jan Olofsson) 

Frontline Medical research - a University Hospital Challenge (by Stener Kvinnsland)

How to encourage and support research at a University Hospital. The Aalborg story. (by Hans Gregersen) 

The HPV vaccine - a research success story. What now? (by Ole Erik Iversen) 

Main Session 1 - Ethics

Children as research subjects (by Ansgar Berg) 

Genetics and Ethics: Some Lessons from Iceland (by Viljálmur Arnason) 



Main Session 2 - Vaccination & Cancer

Vaccination in a global perspective (by Bjarne Bjorvatn) 

Facing an influenza pandemic? Scientific and political challenges (by Lars R. Haaheim) 

HIV vaccination - a reality? (by Birgitta Åsjø) 

Clinical aspects on anti-tumour vaccines (by Guiseppe Masucci) 

Vaccination strategies in head and neck cancer: Expectations, reality and the future (by Theresa Whiteside) 

Main Session 3 - Immunology

Translational studies in autoimmunity with special reference to Sjøgrens syndrome (by Roland Jonsson) 

IgE and allergic inflammation (by Stig Gunnar Olof Johansson) 

Anaphylaxis in the O.R. (by Anne Berit Guttormsen) 

Reception at Håkonshallen (The King’s Banqueting Hall) by the City Mayor Hermann Friele
Conference Dinner


May 15th, Tuesday 

Monitoring of researcher initiated clinical trials (by Annette Jørgensen) 

Impact-hunting or translationality: Any contradiction? - a new practice in Finnish scientific administration? (by Erkki Wuolijoki) 

Main Session 4 - Brain research

Experiences from establishing Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI) (by Lars Nyberg) 

fMRI - a new method for the study of brain function: Challenges for the clinic? (by Kenneth Hugdahl) 

Use of PET in Clinical Dose-Finding Studies of Novel CNS Drugs (by Mika Scheinin) 



Main Session 5 - Commercialisation

How to commercialise a medical research project (by Arne Godal) 

Commercializing medical research based innovations in Medicon Valley (by Stina Gestrelius) 

You have the cure, but are you the only one who knows it? When commercialisation matters. (by Anders Haugland)

The future of NRC – content, organisation and development (chairperson of the discussion - Jan Olofsson) 

Summary and conclusion

What have we learned during the conference? 

Which lessons to bring back home? 

What is the future of NRC?

End of the Conference




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