NRC 2006-Conference


Stimulating Medical Research in a Complex Hospital Environment


May 15th, Monday


Welcome address (by Stener Kvinnsland)

Research and regional development (by Herman Friele, Mayor of the City of Bergen) 

Science and the Bergen research community (Jarle Ofstad, Prof. Emeritus) 

Coaching in order to stimulate top research (Jan Olofsson)

Main Session 1 (moderator - Jan Olofsson) 

Gene therapy of cancer (by Rolf Bjerkvig and Per Eystein Lønning) 

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) (by Kenneth Hugdahl) 

Orthopedic biomaterials (by Anders Mølster) 

Molecular biology and diabetes (by Pål Rasmus Njølstad) 

Vaccination against cancer? (by Ole-Erik Iversen) 

Chronic obstructive lung disease (by Amund Gulsvik)

Questions and discussion



May 16th, Tuesday 

Stimulating medical research in a complex hospital environment (by Ole Didrik Lærum)

Main Session 2 (moderator - Ole Didrik Lærum) 

Facilitating Science in Tampere Research Community (Erkki Wuolijoki)

The quality of the work environment (by Sigrun Gunnarsdottir)

The clinical research center (by Ernst Omenaas)

Clinical research – the value of networking (by Else Thurman Nilsen)

New organisations for the health services and promotion of research (by Dr. Karsten Bech)

The organisation of clinical research in Sweden: trends in collaboration between medical faculty and health care organisation (by Bengt Norrving)

Panel discussion: How to improve medical research in Nordic University Hospitals – challenges and solutions (moderator - Stener Kvinnsland) 
Concluding remarks (by Jan Olofsson) 
End of the Conference




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