NRI-Conference 2017

Nordic Model for Personalized Medicine

Friday, 19. May 2017 at Oslo Cancer Cluster, Oslo, Norway

NRI-Networks is pleased to announce that the NRI-Conference 2017: Nordic Model for Personalized Medicine will be held on Friday, 19. May 2017 at Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, Oslo, Norway.


New collaboration

This year the NRI-Conference will be a collaboration between:

  • Oslo University Hospital
  • University Hospital of North Norway
  • The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board
  • Oslo Cancer Cluster
  • The Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium
  • NRI-Networks

NordForsk, Nordic Trial Alliance and UiO: Life Sciences support the conference.


Key note speaker

Kári Stefánsson, the CEO of deCODE. 

Dr. Stefansson is recognized as a leading figure in human genetics and we are proud to annouce that he is joining the conference. 


Conference structure

It will be a one day conference where the first part of the conference will consist of main sessions followed by parallel sessions and specialized workshops after lunch.

Due to the collaboration and supporters the NRI-Conference will be free of charge.

We are also aiming to put in place a streeming option for those wishing to follow the main sessions online. 


More information

Full program, a list of speakers and practical information about the NRI-Conference 2017 could be found on the menu on the left hand side. 

NRI-Conference 2017: Nordic Model for Personalized Medicine


Collaborating partners for the NRI-Conference 2017



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