Speakers Nordic Summit 2015

Stener Kvinnsland



Stener Kvinnsland is a chairman of the board of NRI-Networks. He has served at this position the last ten years. Under his guidance the organization has grown from a small local initiative to a central arena for professionals working with research and innovation in the Nordic region.

Stener Kvinnsland is born on May 28th, 1948. He is a doctor, professor and the Chief Executive Officer of Haukeland University Hospital.

Kvinnsland received his PhD in Medicine in 1980 and he became a oncologist in 1986. During the period 1987-1991 he was a supervisor of the Cancer department in the Regional Hospital in Trondheim and also a professor in the University of Trondheim. Stener was a professor in the University of Oslo as well. He served as a Chairman of the Norwegian Cancer Society from 1992 to 2000. In 2000 he became Secretary General of the International Cancer Union, UICC. Currently, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Helse Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. He received the prize for best leader in the health industry for 2013 during the yearly leaders' conference organized by Norwegian Hospital and Health Association (NSH) in Oslo. He was chosen among 500 other participants.


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