UN gathers to discuss Antimicrobial Resistance

26 Sep.2016

During the High-Level Week in New York, the UN General Assembly met to discuss antimicrobial resistance. Prevention and control of infections in humans and animals are the key to tackling antimicrobial resistance.

Need for glbal solutions

This is the first time antimicrobial resistance is the topic of a Summit during the UN General Assembly. In general it is the fourth time the general assembly has held a high-level meeting for a health issue (HIV/Aids, non-communicable diseases and Ebola being the other issues). The UN countries discuss antimicrobial resistance because the lack of antibiotic drugs will have severe global consequences and therefore need global solutions.

The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance have estimated that 10 million people will die of antimicrobial resistance in 2050. A higher amount than cancer related deaths which is estimated to be 8, 2 million in 2050. 

“Antimicrobial resistance will in the years to come require considerable global effort, and be our [Norway’s] main international involvement when it comes to health and agricultural issues”

– Bent Høie, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care


Norway suggests four measures

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg held a speach at the general assembly.

She suggested four measures to tackle amtimicrobial resistance:

  • Introduce a global framework against antimicrobial resistance based on two important principles; 1) Give access to people currently do not have access to antibiotic drugs, 2) A responsible use of existing antibiotic drugs ombined with innovation and research in order to create new antibiotic drugs.

  • Introduce an international ban on the use of antibiotics as growth promoter in meat and fish production.

  • Prohibit veterinarians from profiting on selling antibiotics to the meat and fish production.

  • Establishing a global monitoring system against antimicrobial resistance.


NEW YORK: To the left; Bent Høie, Norwegian Minister of Health and Care, walks next to the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on their way to the UN General Assemby summit on Antimicrobrial Resistance (Photo: Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care)


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