Bent Høie is coming to the NRI-Conference

21 Apr.2015

The Norwegian Minister of Health and Care, Bent Høie is going to hold the opening speech of NRI-Conference 2015.

If you still have not registered for Nordic Networks’ annual event, you now have all the legitimate reasons to do so.

This year, NRI-Networks team has devoted a great amount of time to establish a networking  arena with all the important stakeholders involved in the healthcare sector.  Examples are representatives from the national and regional governments, representatives from the top leaderships in the healthcare sector, leaders of hospitals in the Nordics, academia and last but not least the industry.

Yesterday, it was announced that the Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie is going to hold the opening speech of NRI-Conference 2015.

Bent Høie represents the Conservative Party and has been a part of the Ministry since 2013. The minister has shown interests in using international cooperation to overcome the challenges in healthcare. His recent visit to Sierra Leone, one of the countries suffering most from Ebola epidemic, illustrates his courage to fight back against the threats.

Join us during the exciting two days in Bergen and be a part of one truly international cooperation to face the future health challenges in the Nordics.

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