What is Nordic Cooperation?

24 Mar.2015

Are you interested in Nordic cooperation and how the Nordic region will tackle future health challenges?

Join the 10th NRI-Conference: Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges, 04. - 05. May 2015 at Scandic Ørnen Hotel, Bergen, Norway.

“Nordic cooperation has firm traditions in politics, the economy, and culture. Nordic cooperation seeks to safeguard Nordic and regional interests and principles in the global community. Common Nordic values help the region solidify its position as one of the world’s most innovative and competitive.” 

 -  Bo Könberg, Nordic Council of Ministers, 2014


NRI-Conference Program

Selected key speakers from the NRI-Conference 2015

  • Mats Ulfendahl is a Professor of Experimental Audiology and Otology at the Karolinska Institute. He is the Secretary General of the Medical and Health Sciences at the Swedish Research Council. During the NRI-Conference he will give two presentations on the topics of antibiotic resistance and "Starka tillsammans" - a Report of Inquiry into National Coordination of Clinical Studies in Sweden.

  • Anders Geertsen worked as the deputy director at The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization in the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.  During the 10th NRI-Conference he will focus in depth on the 14 proposals put forth in the important Könberg report: “The future Nordic Co-operation on Health”.


Practical information

The venue: Scandic Ørnen Hotel opened in 2014 and is situated in the heart of Bergen’s the cultural scene. As Norway’s second largest city Bergen offers several tourist attractions and a mild and beautiful climate in May. Discounted hotel rooms are available until 10. April 2015.




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