Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges

05 Feb.2015

NRI-Networks is going to host its annual conference on 4. - 5. May in Bergen, Norway. The theme of this year's event is Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges.

With the beginning of the New Year came the opening of the registration process for the tenth NRI-Conference. The exciting preparation by NRI-Networks during the year is going to culminate with the event launch on 4th and 5th of May, 2015. As this is one of the most important parts in the agenda of NRI-Networks, the organization and its team have prepared an extremely interesting program.


As many of you already know, the title of the annual conference is Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges. The aim of the event will be promotion and contribution to the health research and innovation by presenting the latest trends in the health sector. By gathering speakers from all the important players in the sector, the conference will be a platform for sharing knowledge, networking and learning. By presenting the latest advancements and open discussion the NRI-Conference will attempt to equip its participants with all it is needed to face the future health challenges. 


NRI-Secretariat’s project manager Christina Laastad shares her excitement about the event: “I feel honored to host the NRI-Conference, especially since this year we are going to celebrate 10 years after our first annual conference event. Stener Kvinnsland, the leader of Haukeland University Hospital and the chairman of NRI-Networks board has prepared a very special anniversary program focusing on important challenges for the future.” To the question why it is valuable to attend the event, Christina answers that the conference will try to shed light over the health situation in the Nordic region by trying to shape its look in next 10 years. “We have gathered some of the top leaders to share their opinion and views because it is important to know how to face the challenges to come”. Laastad also adds that one of the reasons why NRI-Conference exists is because it has been a meeting point for people working in the health sector in the Nordic region.


NRI-Networks have been organizing its annual conference since 2006. In 2014, the NRI-Conference gathered more than 180 participants. The conference has expanded to such an extent that the all beloved Solstrand is no longer capable to accommodate the growing number of attendants. NRI-Networks has, therefore, chosen to organize the conference at the newly opened Scandic Ørnen Hotel located in the heart of Bergen’s cultural scene.


Do not miss to be a part of such an exciting year for the annual event of NRI-Networks. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in May!


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