Show and Tell Event: MedViz

20 Jan.2015

The NRI Innovation Network announces a Show and Tell event "MedViz – A non-commercial research network within medical imaging and visualization" the 24th February at 10:00 - 11:00 CET.


MedViz – A non-commercial research network within medical imaging and visualization

Ragnar Nortvedt the Project Manager of MedViz will talk about the uniqueness of MedViz is the transdisciplinary convergence between several disciplines where mathematicians, bioinformaticians, physicists and physicians meet frequently and work together along the lines from mathematics to medicine. This NRI Innovation Network webinar will demonstrate some innovative spinoffs from MedViz.


Medical imaging forms the bedrock of today’s clinical diagnosis. It enables researchers and clinicians to visualise complex organs and processes within the body. Highly-advanced imaging technologies help clinicians reach a successful clinical diagnosis, faster and with better accuracy than ever before, ensuring patients get the best possible treatment. MedViz, a Scandinavian R&D cluster based in Bergen, aims at transferring novel concepts from bench to bedside and was the first ever to use ultrasound microbubble treatment in patients with pancreas cancer.

MedViz is owned by our three mother institutions, Haukeland University Hospital, Christian Michelsen Research and University of Bergen. Founded in 2008 with the aim to become a virtual network of researchers within medical imaging and visualization, we have now established a physical meeting place in the MedViz Incubator. Most of our activity is currently focused on three highly promising ‘lighthouse projects’:

  • MR image-based quantitative assessment of abdominal organ function

  • IllustraSound – supporting communication between doctor and patient

  • Advancements in Ultrasound-mediated Theranostics


Did you miss the Show & Tell event? The presentations are made available for downloading:

Download the first presentation "MedViz Innovation for NRI Network"

Downloard the second presentation "Real-Time Processing of Streamed 3D Data"



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