Upcoming Event: Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions

23 May.2014

Next week, on Tuesday27th of May, Nordic Innovation host "Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions Arena 2 Meeting" in Malmö, Sweden.

This event may be of special interest to members of NRI Innovation Network. The NRI Innovation Steering Group recommends everyone to participate in this very important event for shaping health care innovation in our Nordic region in the future.


"Imagine the Nordics as world leading within innovative welfare solutions. Imagine the Nordics as one market of smart, needs-driven demanders and strong suppliers – collaborating on innovative Nordic welfare solutions. And imagine these innovative Nordic welfare solutions being exported to the world – creating jobs and growth across the region"


For information and registration to the event, please visit Nordic Innovation.

When: 27 May 2014, 10.00 – 17.00 CET

Where: High Court, Malmöhusvägen 1 in Malmö, Sweden

See the program here.



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