Invitation to a Nordic workshop on hospital innovation

20 May.2014

During the last day of the NRI-Conference several workshops will be held. One of them is a workshop concerning hospital innovation hosted by NRI Innovation Network.

The workshop will focus on what university hospitals needs to be good at to perform innovation, which will include:


  • Presentations by Nordic organizations that are using different innovative methods to excel in health care innovation.

  •  Exchanging experiences, knowledge and best practices on health care innovation in the Nordic region.

  •  Debate about the value of health care innovation and how NRIs Innovation network can add to this.

The workshop will also offer an opportunity for presenting your organizations project idea, product or service innovation at the poster session. A poster is an opportunity for match making/identifying potential project partners, test organizations or gaining inputs for a project idea/product/service. The posters will be displayed at the workshop and printed as an information sheet – Deadline for printing a poster is April 24 2014 (the poster sheet can be found here)

The workshop will take place on the 14th of May, as part of the NRI Conference from the 12th to the 14th of May. It’s possible to sign up only for the workshop, but we strongly recommend participating in the entire conference, as it offers a unique opportunity to meet key players on the Nordic health care scene.

The NRI conference aims to facilitate a better clinical practice, thus the conference will in addition to innovation accommodate networks for research, clinical trials and monitoring. The NRI is a platform for networking among different actors and networks with different focuses, and in the same way it will serve as a platform for cooperation and networking on hospital innovation in the Nordic region.

The arguments for Nordic innovation cooperation are both the practical and the political advantages to entering such a network, which is inclusive but not obligating or binding. Based on the experiences since last years' initiating innovation workshop at the NRI Conference, this is an opportune possibility to gain a better knowledge of innovations initiated at the hospitals and universities in the Nordic region, sharing experience/information and possibly finding relevant Nordic partners for new innovative initiatives.

See detailed workshop program



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