Networking session

08 May.2014

Based on the feedback from last years, we have set aside even more time for networking. During the network session, the participants will be able to meet the NRI-Networks and other Nordic Networks. And of course – meet and greet with your colleagues.  

Networking session Monday May 12th 15.30 -17.00

These networks will be presented with a stand:

  • Nordic Monitoring Network (NORM)

  • Nordic Innovation Network

  • Nordic Nursing Network

  • Nordic Pediatric Research

  • Nordic Study Sites

  • Nordic Trial Alliance (NTA)

  • Nordic Network for Early Cancer Trials (Nordic NECT)

  • NorCRIN


The area assigned is Waalersalen/lounge outside, down towards the Bjørnefjord. You walk down the stairs from the reception (se map). There will be served wraps and locally produced juice in the same area.




Postboks 3105 Elisenberg

0207 Oslo


E-mail: +47 45 44 98 96 997 222 776