Sharing Ideas on Hospital Innovation and Service Design during the Show & Tell Event

10 Apr.2014

Service designer at the Ideas Clinic (Aalborg University Hospital) Jesper Jønsson has held the presentation during the NRI Innovation Show & Tell event. The topic of discussion was Service Design in the Healthcare Sector. Jesper provided an overview of the fundamental building blocks of the hospital innovation process as well as shared examples of how the process operates in practice at Aalborg University Hospital. 

At the start of the presentation Jesper emphasized that service design is a multidisciplinary field that uses techniques and methods from a variety of different fields, which means that service design should be seen as an approach to service innovation and not a singular method. The fact that it is a rather novel field also means that there are no universal definition of service design as a term.  

Further, he elaborated on four principles for service design thinking – it should be user centred, rely on co-creation, sequencing, and holistic approach. The principle of being user centred process means that the interests of three main stakeholders – patients, staff and relatives – should be accounted for, while taking holistic approach encompasses incorporating technological, human and business aspects.

While the service design process features a fuzzy front end with more clear and smooth direction at the final stages, Jesper identified and elaborated upon 5 phases. The process starts with Project Definition focusing on identifying the actual problems. This phase is followed by the Insight phase, where  users and stakeholders are identified, followed by interviews and observations. During the third phase called Ideation the stakeholders are invited to co-creation workshops and brainstorming sessions. This stage is followed by Simulation where  focus lies on validating the concepts by building prototypes (on a small scale) or/and pilot testing (on a larger scale). Finally, the process ends with an Implementation phase, where the routine becomes a common practice in the hospital.

In order to implement the process in practice, Jesper presented examples of changes made to  different processes at the blood bank, resulting in a reduction of inadvertent incidents from an average of 61 per year to only 1.  The event finished with a round of questions from the participants and a unanimous acknowledgement of how useful and important it is to share and discuss ideas on hospital innovation. 


About the Ideas Clinic/Idéklinikken

The purpose of Idéklinikken is that staff at the hospitals in North Jutland, patients, relatives and other interested parties have a place they can turn to get exactly the help they need to get on with their idea. Read more here.


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