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Interested in data sharing, privacy and innovation?

08 May.2017

Join the parallel session and listen to renowned speakers like Shawn Sweeney from the Armerican Association for Cancer Research. 

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National Conference on clinical studies

20 Apr.2017

Interested in clinical studies? Clinical Studies Sweden are hosting a two days conference with good speakers and excellent networking oportunites 7. – 8. September 2017. 

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NRI-Conference 2017

29 Jan.2017

NRI-Networks is pleased to announce that the NRI-Conference 2017: Nordic Model for Personalized Medicine will be held Friday 19. May 2017 in Oslo.

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What is antimicrobial resistance?

26 Sep.2016

Focus on antimicrobial resistance during the Norwegian National Science week

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UN gathers to discuss Antimicrobial Resistance

26 Sep.2016

During the High-Level Week in New York, the UN General Assembly met to discuss antimicrobial resistance. Prevention and control of infections in humans and animals are the key to tackling antimicrobial resistance.

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Turning the tide of antimicrobial resistance

21 Sep.2016

On Tuesday 13 September, Oslo University hospital arranged a national kick-off meeting on the important topic of antimicrobial resistance. Speakers and participants from all of Norway attended the meeting.

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Speaker presentations are now availabe

20 May.2016

The NRI-Conference 2016 was arranged for the 11th time 9.- 10. May and gathered around 150 participants in Oslo, Norway. Several prominent speakers were invited to share their views on collaboration within the Nordic region.

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Information to Conference Delegates

04 May.2016

The NRI-Conference is fast approaching, and we look forward to welcome you to the 11th NRI-Conference, 9. – 10. May 2015. Here is some practical information for your preparation:

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Networking opportunities

27 Apr.2016

The NRI-Conference provides a good arena for networking with colleagues from the Nordic region. Are you curious about who's coming? 

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Want to participate one day?

04 Apr.2016

Based on popular demand we are now opening for one day participation at the NRI-Conference 2016.

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The "Superbugs"

16 Mar.2016

 And how regional cooperation has global impact!

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We saved a seat for you

14 Mar.2016

Have you remembered to register for the NRI-Conference?

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Interested in the impact of Imaging & Visualization in Future Medicine & Health Care?

11 Mar.2016

We are happy to announce that the workshop program for MedViz: Impact of Imaging & Visualization in Future Medicine & Health Care is released.

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Problems with registration?

15 Feb.2016

If you have not been able to access our registration from, please see our alternative registration methods.

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New Year's Greeting from the NRI Innovation Network

15 Jan.2016

Dear members of the NRI Innovation Network,

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and use this opportunity to update you on what has happened in the NRI Innovation Network in 2015 and the plans for 2016. 

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NTA Stakeholders Meeting

08 Jan.2016

Interested in clinical research? Nordic Trial Alliance welcomes you to the meeting “Potential in Nordic Clinical Research Cooperation”. Hotel Bristol, Oslo, 26. January 20016, 10.00-16.30 CET. 

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Welcome to NRI-Conference 2016: Moving further with medical tailoring 

21 Dec.2015

We are proud to announce that the NRI-Conference is now open for registration. 

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World Antibiotic Awareness Week

16 Nov.2015

World Antibiotic Awareness Week aims to increase awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers and policy makers to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

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These are the 25!

29 Aug.2015

If you are you a problem solver, you have probably heard about the Nordic Independent Living Challenge.

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NRI Innovation Network is going to hold a new workshop in November

30 Jul.2015

The workshop is under the title Implementation of Research and Innovation Projects in Health Care and it is the last workshop from the series for 2015.

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Will meet future health challenges with Nordic cooperation

11 May.2015

The NRI-Conference 2015 was arranged for the 10th time 4.- 5. May and gathered around 160 participants in Bergen, Norway. Several prominent speakers were invited to share their views on collaboration within the Nordic region. The Norwegian Minister of Health and Care, Bent Høie, opened the conference.

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Bent Høie is coming to the NRI-Conference

21 Apr.2015

The Norwegian Minister of Health and Care, Bent Høie is going to hold the opening speech of NRI-Conference 2015.

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Networking opportunities

08 Apr.2015

The NRI-Conference provides a good arena for networking with Nordic colleagues. Browse the list of delegates to see who will be coming to the NRI-Conference this year. 

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What is Nordic Cooperation?

24 Mar.2015

Are you interested in Nordic cooperation and how the Nordic region will tackle future health challenges?

Join the 10th NRI-Conference: Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges, 04. - 05. May 2015 at Scandic Ørnen Hotel, Bergen, Norway.

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Nordic University hospitals Living Lab seminar

11 Feb.2015

Oulu University Hospital and NRI Innovation Network have the pleasure to invite you to the Nordic University hospitals Living Lab seminar in Copenhagen.

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Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges

05 Feb.2015

NRI-Networks is going to host its annual conference on 4. - 5. May in Bergen, Norway. The theme of this year's event is Nordic Cooperation for Future Health Challenges.

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Show and Tell Event: MedViz

20 Jan.2015

The NRI Innovation Network announces a Show and Tell event "MedViz – A non-commercial research network within medical imaging and visualization" the 24th February at 10:00 - 11:00 CET.

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Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to Norwegian Couple

10 Oct.2014

May-Britt and Edvard Moser from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) won this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of how ‘an inner GPS in the brain’ maps the surroundings that later on are used for navigation.

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Show and Tell Event: Public-Private Innovation

25 Aug.2014

The NRI Innovation Network announces a Show and Tell event "Public-Private Innovation" 17 September 2014 at 14:30-15:30 CET.

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Upcoming Event: Nordic matchmaking meeting in Stockholm

25 Aug.2014

Nordic Innovation is hosting a Nordic matchmaking meeting 4 September in Stockholm.

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Call for proposals: Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions

07 Jul.2014

Nordic Innovation together with funding partners has just launched a new call for proposal for innovative Nordic health and welfare projects. The aim of the call is to unite and strengthen efforts across the Nordics in order to develop a Nordic ecosystem for health innovation.

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The future Nordic Co-operation on Health

20 Jun.2014

Bo Könberg has written a report which contains tangible proposals for how the Nordic co-operation can be developed and strengthened in the next five to ten years. It was presented for the first time in conjunction with the meeting of the Nordic Ministers for Health and Social Affairs in Iceland on 11 June 2014.

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Evaluation of the NRI-Conference 2014

03 Jun.2014

In order to improve the future NRI-Conference experience, we have carried out a short online survey.

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Upcoming Event: Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions

23 May.2014

Next week, on Tuesday27th of May, Nordic Innovation host "Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions Arena 2 Meeting" in Malmö, Sweden.

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Invitation to a Nordic workshop on hospital innovation

20 May.2014

During the last day of the NRI-Conference several workshops will be held. One of them is a workshop concerning hospital innovation hosted by NRI Innovation Network.

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NRI Innovation Network invites to Show & Tell event hosted by the Ideas Clinic

20 May.2014

NRI Innovation Show & Tell event is hosted by the Ideas Clinic at Aalborg University Hospital. The theme of the event is Service Design in the Healthcare Sector and it will take place on the 9th of April (on Wednesday), 2014.

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Registration for 2014 NRI-Conference is open

20 May.2014

The 9th NRI-Conference will focus on research and innovation within the health sector and provide the Nordic health research community with a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. The conference will be held from 12th to 14th of May 2014 in a vicinity of Bergen, Norway. Registration is now open. 

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Last chance to register for the NRI-Conference

09 May.2014

Have you remembered to sign up for this years NRI-Conference? Don't miss out on a chance to meet Nordic colleagues and discuss your interests in the beautiful surroundings of Solstrand.

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Networking session

08 May.2014

Based on the feedback from last years, we have set aside even more time for networking. During the network session, the participants will be able to meet the NRI-Networks and other Nordic Networks. And of course – meet and greet with your colleagues.  

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Sharing Ideas on Hospital Innovation and Service Design during the Show & Tell Event

10 Apr.2014

Service designer at the Ideas Clinic (Aalborg University Hospital) Jesper Jønsson has held the presentation during the NRI Innovation Show & Tell event. The topic of discussion was Service Design in the Healthcare Sector. Jesper provided an overview of the fundamental building blocks of the hospital innovation process as well as shared examples of how the process operates in practice at Aalborg University Hospital. 

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Horizon 2020

19 Mar.2014

Nordic Innovation Network took the initiative to present the EU Research and Innovation programme titled Horizon 2020 and highlight the themes most relevant for NRI-Networks. 

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NRI - A meeting place for Networks

19 Mar.2014

NRI is supporting existing networks within health research and innovation in the Nordic countries and is developing new initiatives in areas where there is a need for more Nordic cooperation. 

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Call for abstracts by NRI-Nursing network

20 Feb.2014

NRI-Nursing invites nursing researchers from Hospitals in the Nordic Countries to submit an abstract for the annual NRI-Conference that will take place from May 12th to May 14th, 2014. Main theme - Patient centered Clinical Nursing Research. Submitting an abstract for an oral presentation you will have the opportunity to present and discuss your research with nursing research colleagues.

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Show and Tell Event for NRI Innovation

30 Jan.2014

The NRI Innovation Network announces a Show and Tell event "Ways to finance innovators' relieve of present duties in the clinic".

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Successful NRI Innovation Network meeting in Stockholm

27 Jan.2014

The NRI Innovation Network met in Stockholm for a two day meeting where the structure of the network and different themes were discussed.

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