Innovation workshop at the NRI-Conference

The workshop was held at Scandic Ørnen Hotel in Bergen, Tuseday 5th May 2015. 

There were participants from all five Nordic countries. List of Participants. 


The following presentations were held:

Summing up on the discussions from the workshop:

  • Generally, it was acknowledged that there is a certain miscommunication between hospitals / researchers and industry

  • This is to some extent down to differences in perspectives – for researchers the main ‘currency’ is publicizing of research whereas the commercial aspects is in focus for industry.

  • On this basis it was evident from the discussions that it is a matter of incentives as well as cultural differences. These are present on both ‘sides’.

  • One of these myths is that research isn’t needs based – research is only initiated to address identified problems; otherwise it is not possible to get funding. But this doesn’t mean that research is thought commercially.

  • What is needed to enhance cooperation is working on mutual trust through successful and structured cases and acceptance of the different scopes and focuses.

  • In order to do this, one should make sure that the cooperation framework is set up to deal efficiently with the legal and organizational aspects to ensure that the collaboration builds up trust and ‘good example’ rather than ruin the relationship between hospital and industry.

  • For this process, visible management support at the hospital is crucial!

  • A test bed, TTO or similar unit can work as a “translator” of communication and culture between industry and health care

  • On a general level it was agreed that rules and legislation should be changed where outdated – when what they aimed to protect or secure is no longer valid. This should be seen in relation to the perception that many of the possible stumbling blocks are tied to rules and legislation, such as procurement laws.

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The raw data from the report can also be viewd here

Anna Gran holding her persentation

The NRI Innovation Steering Committee thank everyone for participating and making the discussions come alive. We hope to see you and your colleagues in next year’s NRI-Conference.

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