NRI Innovation Network’s Workshop

Implementation of Research and Innovation                     Projects in Health Care

November 3rd was the date set for the third and last Innovation workshop for 2015 organized by NRI Innovation Network. It was held in Gothenburg, Sweden in cooperation with ScanBalt, eHealth department, Region Västra Götaland, IT University Gothenburg and Gothia Forum. The title of the workshop was Implementation of Research and Innovation Projects in Health Care.

The focus of the workshop was to present projects by Nordic Innovation, ScanBalt and BSR Interreg and to determine how these can add value to each other. It included also presentations on different data and perspectives on implementation. Each presentation during the workshop led to discussions aiming in getting perspectives and experiences on the table. The day of the workshop ended by summing up 14 key points for securing succesful implementation and sustainable innovation. Some of these are: 

  • Internal collaboration between the silos is needed
  • Involvement & commitment at different levels – getting people in the same room (Top-down and Bottom-up) and including decision making commitment
  • Take many smaller steps rather than one big step
  • Make the project output measurable (both hard facts and soft parameters); Value based measurables (both what is and what is not directly measurable)
  • Involve end-users.  Example: Patients or staff (ensure solving their actual needs)
  • Smart, strong and brave leadership is needed
  • Money is needed (reimbursement for the involved/ extra finances for the implementations fase)

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It was also concluded during the workshop that a different set of incentives is needed for innovation projects to be implemented successfully. This is a political and managerial issue and is tied to the measuring mechanisms of the daily running of a hospital. If measurements of a clinics success and productivity could allow for implementing new procedures and products this could boost the implementation of both research and innovation in the daily care. You need to get credit for being innovative. Therefore, measuring innovation is a must. Before starting up a project the relevant KPIs should be picked. These should not only be qualitative nor only quantitative.

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Workshop’s presentations are available via the links below:

Kirstine Rasmussen and Jesper Bredmose Simonsen, NRI Innovation Workshop: “Introduction

Külle Tarnov, Connected Health Cluster Manager, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, BSR INNOHEALTH: “Gateway to validate health innovations by user involvement in the Baltic Sea region

Kim Hamli, Induct Software: “How to realize ideas in a hospital and to share successful innovations through Induct Innovation Management Software

Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Oslo MedTech: “Nordic Network of Test Beds

Imke Schneemann, Life Science Nord, Kiel, Baltic Fracture Competence Centre (BFCC): “Fostering innovation for better care in ageing societies in the Baltic Sea Region

Lars Lindsköld, ScanBalt BioRegion: “Implementation of Research and Innovation Projects in Health Care

Lotte Christiansen, Aalborg University: “Successful Implementation of Service Innovation Projects“ 

Dr. Peter Lazes, Director for the Healthcare Transformation Project & the Program for Economic Transitions, Cornell University, New York: “Innovative Employee and Union Driven Activities to Improve Patient Care, Why is Healthcare Transformation Needed?

Anders Persson, Business Advisor, Sahlgrenska Science Park: “Nordic Connected Health Star Track – High Growth and Future Health in Practice

Erik Mårtensen Djäken, Västra Götalandsregionen: “Innovationsslussen

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