Innovation workshop 

What does university hospitals need to be good at to perform innovation?

Wednesday, 14th of May 2014, 8.30-12.00

The workshop was conducted in a good and fruitful atmosphere, despite the technical difficulties that caused a slight delay. Nearly 30 people were present, representing all 5 Nordic countries. 


The following presentations were held:


Posters from the Poster Session

Results of the workshop:

  • Discussions on possible themes for Working Groups within NRI Innovation Network
  1. User-driven innovation (incl. Employee-driven innovation)

  2. Service design in innovation

  3. Public-Private innovation (“OPI model”)

  4. Research-driven innovation

  5. Open innovation 

  6. Health economic approach to innovation

  7. TTO – Technology Transfer Offices

  8. “The MedViz Model”

  • Setup for concrete future project were discussed
  • Future show and tell webinar events were agreed
  • A very successful poster session, which can be build on as a way of knowledge sharing between in the network
  • Discussion about a common Nordic project database
  • General support to continuing  the work in the NRI Innovation Network
  • And finally many good discussions and information about health care innovation work in progress in the Nordic countries


We thank everyone for participating and making the discussions come alive. We hope to see you and your colleagues in next year’s NRI-Conference, 4-6 May 2015.

The NRI Innovation Steering Committee


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