NRI-Networks is governed by the Board. The Board is responsible for overall policy, activities and finance. The Board members are appointed for a period of three years and can be re-elected.

The NRI-Programme Committee is an advisory group appointed by the NRI-Board. The program committee have representatives from the NRI Networks and all Nordic Countries. The group is responsible for planning the conferences and developing other network activities.

The NRI-Administration that ensures day-to-day functioning of the organisation is based in Bergen, Norway.



NRI has 3 types of affiliates; members, partners and networks.


At the core of our activities are our members, dedicated professionals within health research and innovation from universities, hospitals, from research institutions and from the industry. Most of our members have previously taken part in one of the NRI-conferences, but that is not a prerequisite.

As a member, you will receive news about what is happening within the field of medical research and innovation in the Nordic area, you are invited to join one of our specialist networks and you will receive invitations to future conferences and other events.

NRI membership is free of charge. 



The NRI partners  are universities, hospitals and research institutions in the Nordic Region. The NRI partners represent the formal body of the network. They decide the overall policy of the organization and elect the Board and the Programme Committee (Advisory Group).

If you are interested in becoming a NRI-partner, do not hesitate to contact us.


Current partners include:

  • Ålborg University hospital
  • Ålborg University
  • Bergen Technology Transfer Office
  • Haukeland University hospital
  • University of Bergen
  • Karolinska University hospital
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Stavanger University Hospital
  • Trondheim University Hospital
  • University Hospital of North Norway
  • University of Copenhagen


The NRI networks provide the means to pursue the objectives of NRI. NRI supports the networks by providing information, an arena to meet and some common resources. All networks are independent and operate differently.

Please contact us if you are involved in activities where support from NRI would help in attaining your goal.




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